Meet Our Cherry Farmers

Posted by Mary W on 30th Oct 2020

When Bob Sutherland founded Cherry Republic in 1989, his mission was to create a company that celebrated both Michigan cherries and the hardworking men and women who plant the trees, prune the branches, harvest the fruit, and spend sleepless nights worrying about pests and weather. Meet Sarah, Nels, and Nikki -- three great examples of why we love the cherry industry. SARAH HALLSTEDTReturning to Michigan after raising their family in Indianapolis, Sarah Hallstedt and her husband, Phil, ...

Cherries: From Orchard to Store

Posted by bob on 19th Jul 2015

A Queen Anne cherry tree outside of Cherry Republic. Within 25 miles of Cherry Republic’s headquarters in Glen Arbor is the greatest cherry growing region in the world with nearly 2 million cherry trees resting on our beautiful hillsides overlooking Lake Michigan. How do all those cherries get grown and harvested and then made into the 190 scrumptious Cherry Republic products? It takes a dab of luck, a good share of expertise, and lots and lots of hard work. Before Cherry Republic can do ...