2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review

Posted by bob on 7th Jan 2016

We took a look back at what was a fantastic year here at Cherry Republic.  We had so much fun and accomplished so much, we just had to make a top eleven list of some of our favorite events and accomplishments of 2015. New labels and Packaging - Over the course of a 5 months, we’ve updated much of the packaging of our your favorite products.  This 2 year project brings a new look that better fits the earthy, trendy and colorful company we’ve become. Summer Shear Storm - Ugh.  Ugh.  Devast ...

Cherry Republic's Leaf Day

Posted by bob on 7th Oct 2015

What should citizens do on Leaf Day? Dress up? Give gifts? Hide Baskets? Make a big dinner? Those are all too much work. How about do nothing. How about a purposeless day? A day to just reflect on the beauty of nature? Leaf Day was created by Cherry Republic to celebrate the amazing colors of fall, and to take a day to reflect or enjoy the outdoors in the last of our good weather.  We are all so busy all summer and into fall that we don’t often find time to just enjoy the outdoors.  Leaf Day w ...

Hockey on Little Glen Lake

Posted by bob on 5th Dec 2014

As we have been driving back and forth between our Glen Arbor HQ and our Empire Warehouse fulfilling orders, our staff has been driving by perfect ice on Little Glen Lake. The ice has been smooth as glass and hard as diamonds across the entire lake. We knew it wouldn't be thick, but we thought it was time to kick off a beloved winter activity -- ice skating. So yesterday, a few of us pulled away from work early and I grabbed my boys and Steph and we skated in the wind protected lee of the Sleepi ...

Hiking the Bay to Bay Trail

Posted by bob on 16th Oct 2014

Breaking trail for the Bay to Bay Hiking and Kayaking Trail. Here Bob and the team hike through the dunes in Platte Bay with Empire Bluffs and Sleeping Bear Point in the distance. It's an epic hike. From south to north across the entire Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, hiking the Bay to Bay Trail will be an amazing experience. When we first heard about the proposed Bay to Bay Hiking and Kayak Trail we were excited. The trail's planned route ran from the south of the park all the wa ...

Riding the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

Posted by bob on 11th Jun 2014

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has long been renowned for its beauty. Spectacular views of the dunes, rolling hills, inland lakes, and of course Lake Michigan are everywhere. Until recently, soaking in this gorgeous landscape was most easily accomplished by car. A short drive to one of the scenic overlooks or along Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive would have you face to face with the majesty of northern Michigan. Sure, you could bike or hike along the roads, but few people with young ...