The 31 Days of Giving

Posted by andrewm on Dec 1st 2017

Cherry Republic is proud to announce the 50+ worthwhile recipients of our 2017 31 Days of Giving.  Our donations are focused on environmental and agricultural organizations with vision. This year, we introduce a new mission of ours --  In five years, Cherry Republic will be powered by 100% local renewable energy.  We hope to contribute to organizations that share the same values, but we all have five years to get there.  Check back each day around 12 P.M. EST as we recognize and reward a new ...

The Joy of Giving

Posted by andrewm on Nov 17th 2017

The holiday season is here, and at Cherry Republic we’ve had “joy” on our minds. The joy of living in Northern Michigan … the joy of two terrific cherry crops in a row … the joy of a successful summer and fall season (thanks to all of you). But perhaps most importantly, we are focused on the joy of giving. After all, nothing feels better than brightening someone’s world with a heartfelt gift of ruby red morsels of joy from the happy lands of Northern Michigan.   And so, with joy in our hearts ...

31 Days of Giving 2016

Posted by bob on Jan 4th 2017

Tis the season to give back to Michigan, the state that has done so much for Cherry Republic.  Each day in December, Cherry Republic will designate an organization for a major contribution.  In total, we will give away $150,000. December 31st. Crosshatch.  $10,000.  This is an ongoing contribution for this valuable organization supporting small farms and young farmers.  With innovative projects like chicken coup, micro loans, compost, preservation station, the small farm conference, this o ...

Cherry & Bright 31 Days of Giving

Posted by bob on Dec 3rd 2015

  Cherry Republic has started our third annual 31 Days of Giving.  Each day in December, Cherry Republic will donate to various organizations doing great things to preserve and protect our quality of life here in Michigan.  Thursday December 31st: $4,000 FLOW & Groundwork in support of their joint “Oil and Water Don’t Mix Campaign.   In the heart of the Great Lakes, twin 62-year-old pipelines pump nearly 23 million gallons of oil and other petroleum products a day through the Straits of ...

31 Days of Giving

Posted by bob on Dec 31st 2014

Cherry Republic is excited to share one of the most meaningful practices of the year: Our month of giving. We did it last year. And the year before. Our donations come from our 1% Off the Top program where one cent of every dollar we make is put aside for protecting and improving the quality of life in our great state. Generosity is fundamental to every religion and we hope to inspire giving to be a core value to every business as well. Cherry Republic raises money a second way -- thro ...