Summer Photo Challenge Round One

Posted by bob on 17th Jul 2014

Each day, we strive to live and work by our motto Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie. It means something special to each and every person so we set out to capture its essence in a Summer Photo Challenge. Does your definition include crystal blue water and an endless sand beach? Maybe it's a golden sunset. Maybe it's sharing a moment with family and friends on a dock. Or maybe it's watching a Bald Eagle soar over the hills and valleys of northern Michigan. No matter what it is, all that matters is its importance and personal meaning to you. Below you can find  the best of the best from Round One of our Summer Photo Challenge. [gallery ids="2897,2893,2887,2890,2896,2886,2889,2891,2892,2900,2901,2902,2903,2894,2888"]