Stronger Than the Storm

Posted by bob on 20th Aug 2015

Summer Storm 2015 My favorite tree - a giant Black Walnut - was so strong thru the great summer shear storm two weeks ago that it didn't even loose a leaf.  This tree lives on the Barratt farm on Port Oneida.  It stands over every tree in the county and towers over Lake Michigan. Summer Storm 2015 Two grand maples act as a gateway to Pyramid Point on Port Oneida road. Summer Storm 2015 This favorite white birch tree also withstood the storm. I almost didn't want to post this tree as I call it my secret tree. A free Big Three gift box for anyone that knows where this tree sits. Summer Storm 2015 These white pines don't look so big from M22, but when compared to the Dechow barn they are guardians of the fields still standing watch. Summer Storm 2015 Another view of the white pines from the middle of the Dechow field.  I shared this field with a coyote when I took this picture. Summer Storm 2015 Leelanau County has lots of hidden dirt roads with great big oaks and maples tucked in between the younger trees Summer Storm 2015 The shovel tree was one of the survivors, but within a half mile of it were thousands of fallen trees. This maple tree is so strong and sits quietly along Dunns Farm Rd. Summer Storm 2015 Planted pines spotting the county remain unharmed Summer Storm 2015 Trees are mysterious and mystical. And sometimes almost human. What better proof of that is this inspiring white birch that sits north of the second culvert on the Crystal River. I have seen this sit in several different spots in the woods of SW Leelanau, but I have yet to catch him in the act of moving. Summer Storm 2015 Old growth maples still act as a beautiful fence along M22.  There was not one tree down in this section and this is the most inspiring photo to leave you with - this iconic photo of a fence-row of maples.  Oh the trees, the trees, the trees.