Spreading Cherry Love to China

Posted by Mary W on Jun 14th 2019

Cherry Republic was honored to welcome world-renown social media influencer Jessica Beinecke to our Glen Arbor campus this week as part of her whirlwind trip to Northern Michigan. Jessica created her Chinese/English digital travel series I Know This Spot as a way to introduce Chinese travelers and foodies to U.S. destinations that aren't as well known internationally. "One of the top things Chinese travelers want to do is have unique culinary experiences, and everything in here definitely counts as that," Jessica shared with Cherry Republic President Bob Sutherland as she tasted samples at The Great Hall, sipped wine at The Winery, and even tried a couple of our most popular dishes at the Cherry Public House. Jessica, who is fluent in Mandarin, records all of her vlogs in Chinese, but also teaches the English pronunciation of certain words while sharing regional colloquialisms -- like the Midwestern "pop" for "soda." "From the context of their culture, we give them language tips and tricks to enjoy the place better and prepare them for their trip," she explained. Check out this video documenting part of her visit to our beautiful campus, and watch Jessica teach Bob some key Chinese words and phrases (he's a quick learner!) while gaining some insight into Bob's big dreams for the future of Cherry Republic. The I Know This Spot visit to the Traverse City and Leelanau County area was planned in partnership with Brand USA, Pure Michigan, and Traverse City Tourism.