Lost & Found in Glen Arbor

Posted by LauraAnn on 7th Sep 2012

A look at a sampling of what was left behind in Glen Arbor after the summer of 2012: We understand leaving behind a copy of Coup D'Etat in your Leelanau Vacation Rentals cottage or condo....but a Shampooch and Tooth Fairy 2 DVD?  For shame! This handsome and well-loved leather fanny pack misses its owner.  There was even the perfect skipping rock inside, along with earplugs, lens cleaner and a lighter.  Portable party in a pouch! Annika or your parents - please email us your address so we can send your soccer ball back.  It's currently residing in a picturesque spot overlooking the Sleeping Bear Bay.  "Wish you were here!" Glen Arbor Athletic Club is holding onto a phone charger, decent pair of clogs and a white zippered sweatshirt.  You should not have been punished for trying to work out while on vacation. The gals at Leelanau Coffee Roasting Co. have an almost-complete ensemble with a couple of hats, sweatshirts, sunglasses and even a laptop case.  Did drinking all of that coffee send you into another orbit?  Return to earth and claim your items. Our own cafe turned out to have quite a stash.  2 pairs of car keys (1 Chevy set...but not for the Volt, whew), lots of sunglasses, even a whoopie cushion.  Here's Will modeling only a fraction of the cool stuff in our bin.  Here's more... Sweet little Mirabel left her notebook with us.  It is full of scribbles, doodles, and an impressive drawing of a tree.  Her picture is on the front of this little notebook.  We'll take good care of it, Mirabel! A pink cupcake Bears OR Reds hat, no doubt a rare it's autographed by someone.  Anyone know who?  Or better yet, is this yours?   Recognize something?  Email us!