Lorenzo and Madeline!

Posted by on 3rd Apr 2019

Meet Lorenzo and Madeline. Lorenzo is two and a half and Madeline is three. They have known each other since they were born and consider each other to be best friends. They are not related, although you’d think they were brother and sister.

Their favorite part about Cherry Republic of Traverse City is Boomer’s Tree House, of course! They enjoy climbing on it and playing together. However, their “favoritest” part of all is the ball pit. Lorenzo and Madeline like to pretend that it’s the ocean and have a ball jumping into it. (See what we did there?) Their moms brought them here to play for an hour or two on a snowy Friday morning to get out of the house and wear them out before nap time. “It’s hard to find different indoor options during the winter in Northern Michigan, but this is the perfect place for these kiddos because they have a lot of energy and the play area is enclosed,” the moms said, “We will definitely be coming back with them.”

So far, Lorenzo and Madeline are our youngest #CitizensoftheRepublic, but they’re also our first. Thank you for sharing your cuteness with us. Boomer’s Tree House will be here waiting for the two of you to come play in it again!