Introducing Citizens of the Republic

Posted by on 27th Mar 2019

  Have you heard of the famous ‘Humans of New York’ blog created by Brandon Stanton? He interviewed and photographed individuals in New York City, including quotes and short stories from their lives alongside candid portraits. Stanton’s blog inspired us and got us thinking about how Cherry Republic could learn more about our Citizens. Well, one of our core values at Cherry Republic is Liberty, or wholeheartedness and passion, which means we work from the heart to touch hearts. Another core value is Beaches, or whimsy, which means work should be fun and done with a light heart. With both of those values in mind, we decided it would be fun to expand out storytelling through what we are calling our ‘Citizens of the Republic’ campaign. Our goal is to get to know those who visit the Republic and tell their stories. We want this campaign to represent everything that Cherry Republic stands for: Life, Liberty, Beaches, and Pie!