31 Days of Giving 2019

Posted by Mary W. on 30th Nov 2019

Cherry Republic is proud to announce the final dash to the finish for our 2019 donations -- Our 31 Days of Giving. Several times a week through the month of December, we will announce our recipients. This year, Cherry Republic has saved $250,000 to give away over the 31 days this month. As we have for decades, we prioritize our giving toward organizations protecting Northern Michigan’s water, land and quality of life. Our 2019 focus will be on Climate Action and Michigan’s move to renewable energy as our warming climate is the largest threat our region has ever faced. Of course, there will be some fun surprises over these days as well. Here’s to our beloved Michigan and all the great people working to make our great state even better!

$2,500 to the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center. This donation is directed to fund several of the Horticulture Research Center's winter programs for cherry farmers at the discretion of their Executive Director, Nikki Rothwell.

$5,000 to the Cherry Marketing Institute. A donation sent in the name of Michigan cherry farmers will help the CMI cover the costs of Washington, DC legal work to limit the dumping of cheap Turkish cherries into the USA, which has hurt local cherry farmers by reducing demand for premium Michigan cherries. 

$10,000 to FLOW. At a time when environmental protection seems less likely to come from Washington or Lansing, best practices begin in local communities. This donation supports For Love of Water’s Blue Communities initiative, which empowers townships, cities, counties to instill the values of water stewardship in their policies and practices.

$7,500 to Glen Arbor Arts Center. The Glen Arbor Arts Center, which runs art and culture programs year round, is Cherry Republic’s neighbor across Lake Street. This contribution helps cover some of the final costs on their recent expansion.

$5,000 to Legacy Land Conservancy. This financial support is for all the work Diane Kern and her team at Legacy Land Conservancy are doing to protect the ring of fertile green farmland and forests around Ann Arbor. In total, we have given nearly $50,000 to groups working to protect this valuable resource -- land that is a key sequester of carbon. Thanks to Legacy for your work in documenting the value of carbon sequestering around Ann Arbor.

$6,000 to Inland Seas Education Association. Congrats to Fred Simkins and his terrific team of teachers, researchers and protectors of Michigan’s most valuable resource — Lake Michigan. Inland Seas is rewarded for their push to run their organization off 100% renewable energy produced right on their property.

$5,600 to Terry and Kim Vandercook's Sand Bar Farm. This grant covers 25% of the cost of putting solar panels to power the Vandercook’s farm and home. This is the eighth farm in Northern Michigan that Cherry Republic has helped become powered by renewable energy. It is our company’s hope — along with Crosshatch — that every farm in the north will be 100% powered by wind and solar. (See December 4th gift). Terry and Kim have been breeding and raising goats for the past 13 years. They strive to be good stewards of the land and respect their natural resources by practicing intensive rotational grazing, while composting all manure and bedding material and returning it to the fields. They avoid the use of commercial fertilizers and herbicides; instead, they deploy the goats when and where needed to improve pasture and forage performance. Terry and Kim view adding their ground-mounted 6500 watt solar array as the next “natural” choice. Wanting to achieve maximum efficiency from their system, the Vandercooks added Nano Coating to the surface of the solar modules. They are also able to tilt the angle of the entire array to adjust to the changing seasons. These combined improvements will increase the system’s energy production by as much as 16%.

$12,000 to Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology. This small dynamic group has been a longtime partner with Cherry Republic for many years. We love supporting their programs and have helped them develop some. Among the many programs they’ve created to help farmers and artists thrive, Crosshatch has started two that are near and dear to Cherry Republic’s heart — Carbon Sequester Farming and Renewable Energy Grants.

It’s Giving Tuesday and 10% of Cherry Republic’s sales on this special day will go to SEEDS. We asked our customers to nominate their favorite nonprofits, and SEEDS received an amazing amount of votes! SEEDS has been investing in youth, the environment, and Michigan communities for over 20 years. Through a vast array of restoration, education, and community-based projects, SEEDS helps prepare people of all ages for a better future. SEEDS exists to address global problems by focusing on local solutions including youth leadership training and workforce development, K12 experiential education and after school services, and by supporting clean energy leaders in achieving excellence. Connect with SEEDS and support their work! Visit them online at www.ecoseeds.org, email hello@ecoseeds.org, or connect through social media @SEEDSTC.

$4,500 to Title Track. This is Cherry Republic's important first grant to this new organization that is helping boost the many groups and individuals working to protect the environment in Northern Michigan. Title Track is lead by Seth Bernard, a musician and storyteller, organizer and speaker, visionary and humble supporter of others. Sometimes Cherry Republic donates to good people and then we stand back and watch those individuals spread their wings and fly. $500 of this is to cover Title Track’s work creating Mike King’s ski film about climate change called Feast or Famine.

$35,000 to Michigan League of Conservation Voters. If Michigan has a chance of taking action on protecting our climate, it will be because of the many organizations working across this state that have the vision and influence to make change. None is better and more active than the MLCV. This is the biggest single donation ever given out by Cherry Republic and it goes to the group with the most influence on environmental and climate issues in Michigan.