2019 Mother of the Year Contest Winners

Posted by on May 12th 2019

Cherry Republic partnered with Leelanau Vacation Rentals to recognize those amazing women we call Mom! We asked people to tell us why their Mom deserves to be crowned Mother of the Year, and in return, we promised to make sure she’s treated like a queen! With over 150 submissions for our 1st Annual Mother of the Year Contest, this decision was not an easy one! With so many submissions, we decided to give away $50 gift cards to the four runners up as well. Thank you to all those who shared their stories with us, many of you made us laugh and some of you even had us shedding tears. Here are a few of our favorite submissions: Our 2019 Mother of the Year goes to Shelli Aga! A big thank you to her daughter, Addison, for taking the time to submit her momma! -- "Hi, I'm Addie and I'm 11 years old. My Mommy is the best, most loving, human in the Milky Way and should be mother of the year! She always has a pretty smile, and is willing to do anything for my siblings and I. I have two big brothers and a twin sister. She tucks me in every night, sings lullabies and holds me tight. She's a good cook and always makes my favorite foods. She always has fun things planned and takes us places where we make memories! When I grow, up I want to be just like her!" Our 1st runner up goes to Kathleen Fraaza, submitted by her daughter, Kristin! -- "My mom has always been the rock of our family. She exemplifies what it means to change the legacy of a family- to change the course. We are who we are because of who she is! Her strength has always been admired by us but this year more than ever- as we watch her battle breast cancer and treatment we are stand in awe of the woman and role mode she is! It would be amazing to bless her with this pampering- she is always the first to do for all of us! She now more than ever deserves to be celebrated and spoiled a bit. Thank you for considering... we are forever grateful for our mother!" Our 2nd runner up goes to Nancy aka "GiGi", submitted by her daughter, Sue! -- "My mother's really quite the best, She stands mighty high above the rest. There really is no competition, Her meatloaf's the best in all the kitchens. She's encouraged me through thin and thick, wholly supporting when I married Vic! She loved us 4 kids unconditionally, always putting herself last, behind me. Even when she lost her son, she knew her work was not yet done; she loved and encouraged her remaining daughters, and all this is why she's the best mother!" Our 3rd runner up goes to Courtney Frigo, submitted by her sons, Liam and Landon! -- "Our mommy is the best! Daddy is in the Navy and we don't see him very often, so Mommy takes care of us. She wakes us up, makes sure we brush our teeth, and then gives us breakfast. We play games together and she loves us very much. Mommy taught us how to count to 20 and sing our alphabet, and she even goes to school to learn stuff too! And every night before we go to bed she reads us books. She deserves the best and we love her lots!" Our 4th runner up goes to Marie Kehr, submitted by her daughter, Tammy! -- "My mom is older but in her lifetime, she has taken in over 30 foster children. There were at least 14 of us at one time for many years. She managed to take 14 of us to the park, swimming, and on vacation. As the children grew up she became a nurse and took care of veterans. Now she takes care of my father who has cancer. She is kind, strong and has spent the majority of her life caring for others." We enjoyed reading everyone's submissions. Everyone had such a great story and we truly appreciate all of those who took the time to share those stories with us.