2016 Glen Arbor Area Winter

Posted by bob on 28th Jan 2016

Crystal River Above is a favorite angle of the Crystal River at the Dunns Farm Rd culvert. Crystal River Here is a second view of the Dunns Farm culvert looking straight up the Crystal River.  If you have never paddled the Crystal in the winter, this mild winter would be a great year to do it. Crystal River Can you see the duck in flight at the far side of the Crystal.  If the river freezes over, the ducks all head to Lake Michigan. Snow Plow The plows were out in mass.  We had a two hour school delay, which is almost as sweet as a full snow day. DH Day The historic DH Day farm blends in so well in the winter.  I won’t call the owner of this property out too strongly, but doesn’t everybody think it’s time he fixed up the house? Glen Haven The bright red Glen Haven Cannery looks so good with a snowy foreground and a blue water background. Hemlock tree This image makes me dizzy.  It reminds me of lying in bed a few hours earlier than when this photo was taken on Tuesday.  I was just staring out the window watching bows of snow fall off the trees.  I told Steph they looked like meteorites descending to earth.  She said, “What?” I said, “Because they leave a big trail of snow behind them.” Summer Storm In the winter, with snow starkly highlighting each of the fallen trees, the summer storm devastation looks even more catastrophic.  I look forward to spring and leaves and the sight of new trees sprouting upwards. Summer storm On private grounds that were severely hit by the summer storm, the lumber companies are still at work harvesting the fallen trees.   It is nice to know that many, many of our great trees will become appreciated as trim, flooring or furniture in some lucky homes. Great Hall Cherry Republic is looking snowed in, but cozy all the same.  There is an hour or two of shoveling for the staff on snowy days like today. Great Hall The Great Hall is Open and if you come the morning after a snowstorm like Tuesdays, you will probably have it all to yourself until lunch time at least.  Imagine all those samples to yourself.  Have a great day, and we hope to see you soon in our stores or while you are out enjoying northern Michigan.