Black Cherry Cream Soda

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A fan favorite, our locally-produced Black Cherry Cream Soda uses Northern Michigan cherry juice.

12 oz. bottles

6-Pack or Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Black Cherry Cream Soda

    This is at the top of my cream soda favorites. First found these when we vacationed in Michigan. I wished we had these locally, but since we don’t, I like to purchase multiples when I order from Cherry Republic.

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    black cherry cream soda

    Not a real cream soda person, but thought I would try this one as it was black cherry. It is excellent! Bought some at store in Frankenmuth and liked so much I ordered some on line

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    Very good

    Great soda. Can't tell that it's low calorie when you drink it but both your waistline and taste buds will thank you!

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    Too sweet & contains artificial colors

    I love Cherry Republic and so I am a bit disappointed about this product. I like that the sweetener used in this is beet sugar but there's way too much of it. The sweetness overwhelms the cherry flavor. Also, I don't need my pop to be bright red. I'd prefer something more natural looking that doesn't contain chemical food dyes. (In all fairness, I'm thinking that most pops on the market contain chemical food dyes as well. I just expect more from Cherry Republic.)

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    I have never tasted anything like it, the tasted just melt in your mouth. I could not be more pleased with this product!

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    Great tasting cola.

    Great cherry taste and lo cal!

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    Great flavor

    Awesome. Sweet. Great cherry flavor. Hard to believe whole bottle is 15 calories.

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    Best Black Cherry Soda!!

    I'm 50 years old and this is the VERY BEST Black Cherry Soda that I have ever tasted!!! And I have unfortunately drank a lot of not so good sodas. This one is cream, filled with pure black cherry essence and reminiscent of hot summer days and a cold drink in hand as a kid at the lake. Absolutely my favorite drink!!!! So glad I found this company. Enjoyed visiting the Cherry Republic booth at the Nutrcracker shopping extravaganza in Houston Texas and of course buying many products. But please consider bringing along a few drinks for purchase.

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    5 stars is not enough

    My son and I want this to have it's Amazon Button it's so good. It's better than any multi-national beverage conglomerate could ever produce. This would be the beverage in my last meal on earth. 5 stars is not enough.